Our Work

What We Do ??

we work for the environment, social welfare, and Handicapped welfare. We organize seminars and various social awareness programs like educational, vocational and Residential facilities for Orphans and institutions. We also support child workers from families in the slum, pavements dwellers, drug addicts, children living on railway Platform, bus stands, footpaths and along railway lines, children working in shops, those whose parents are in jail, children’s of migrant laborers, children’s of very poor community and children’s of downtrodden people.

    We mainly focus on:

  • Setting up seminars and requesting villagers to not send their children for work. Rather they should focus on providing them educational facilities.
  • Raising awareness on sanitation and cleanliness which is beneficial for a healthy living.
  • Providing employment opportunities to every youth living in rural areas.
  • Taking strict measures to control ever-increasing pollution in the country.
  • To develop, preserve and promote tribal/folk art and culture.
  • Overall development of the youth in India.

Youth forms the foundation of any state and are better leaders tomorrow! Educate them and bring a positive change in society


Focusing on education for poor and girl child education to form a better future...


Providing proper access to water, sanitation facilities necessary for an easy livelihood...

Disaster Response

Helping every individual in the time of need by providing the proper care system in the hard times......

privileged Children

Come, be a part of our NGO and aim to offer the best education possibility you can to the children...


Ensuring healthy development & growth of children, under-privileged through various healthcare programs....

Women Empowerment

We empower women to remain strong and bravely face every tough situation in life...

Building Resilience

We aim to offer every basic education and employment opportunity to support the needy communities.....

Special Support

SFA, BSDM are some of the special support programs offered by us to strengthen and support education for all.....