Our Projects

Focusing on education and population, our NGO works for providing every basic educational facility to the children, irrespective of the location, to make them capable enough to operate mobiles, computers etc which is very common these days.

Education for children should be the priority of every civilized person towards the bright future of the children. With a huge population in India, many problems remain unaddressed which later on the effect the overall progress of an individual as well as the nation.

Looking towards a bright prospect our NGO is working on several projects designed to educate a poor underprivileged child along with promoting child education in India.

SFA (School For All)

Under this project, we aim to offer education for poor children while encouraging the girl child education preferably. We focus on NDLM (National digital literacy mission) course for providing the basic education of operating mobile phones, computers etc so that every child becomes capable of managing the primary modern equipment.

BSDM (Bihar Skill Development Mission)

This is our second project, tied up with the government of Bihar, targeting mainly the females we provide the GDA (general duty assistance) course for 4 months to train the nurses on handling the medical facilities effectively.

Moreover, we have health home care (HHC) certified course where we train individuals to take care of those children who are left home alone after their parents are away for reasons.

Those who wish to be a part of us and learn the skills of childcare, we are always here for you.

Sales executive course (SEC)

Sales executive course offers the opportunity to individuals of working in big shopping malls and outlets and get a permanent job for self. Moreover, this project is tied up with the government of Bihar past 2 years.

Our NGO team of dedicated workers visit schools in rural areas to spread awareness about health and sanitation facilities which are very vital for their well-being. Aiming to eradicate sanitation problems, our volunteers work hard towards making a bright child future regardless of the time and efforts.